Last night I managed to lock myself out the house for 2 hours. Having your keys on you – picking them up every morning is something you do automatically and yet despite this in-built discilpline you manage to forget on occasion. This had me thinking about how often and easily things can be forgotten within a game by players. Why does it happen and how does this affect you?

Even the most practiced armies I play can fall victim of memory slips. Quite often it’s not specific to the army, or even the game. I can’t recall* the times I’ve moved units into a hidden position or obscuring cover and simply left them there for part or the remainder of a game because I did not see them. Consequently they were consigned to oblivion from my mind! It happens a lot with new lists or experimenting with new choices as you cannot always absorb new rules straight away and keep them in mind.

How can we better accommodate our leaking minds? I’m sure everyone makes use of small tokens and notes where required. When a model is wounded, we mark it with a token or dice. When we roll for spells, we write them or their numbers on paper – or better still, print the spells onto card and place them next to the wizards. Can this be taken further to cater for common omissions in our gaming?

Perhaps my approach to performing a turn is at fault here.  I find myself viewing the game from the usual overhead ‘omnipresent’ view of the gamer. You see your units and your enemies. You consider the hidden variables such as reserves, and then you chose a unit to begin your actions. Do you plot every unit before moving the first? Or are the results of the first action required to decide the next? Do you ever refer back to your army list and ensure all units are considered before acting, even checking them off each phase?

Have you found yourself in a situation where forgetting a rule, item or even a whole part of your army has contributed to losing a game? Do you try to compensate or amend this problem, or shrug it off?

*Did you catch that one?


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