Warhammer 8th edition rumours

Likely the hottest rumour of the moment is the impending arrival of Warhammer’s 8th edition. With GW rumours being tightly squeezed, it’s been very quiet in the rumour department lately, but something so big as this is hard to cover up.

Several online book stores have pre-orders available for a ‘Warhammer mini-book’. The price and size is identical to the mini novels that relate to other starter sets: Black Reach, Skullpass and Space Hulk. Its release date is marked as May.

From the major rumour sources, we’ve had various confirmations from posters who seem to agree that it will be a major upgrade to the 7th edition ruleset, with a new box including both Empire and Orcs as all-plastic starter forces! All very exciting of course for Warhammer players and collectors of these armies alike. Perhaps new army books for these two armies would soon follow the new starter set.

Are you excited about another edition or is this all too soon?

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