Wargame Acronyms

We live in a world of ever-increasing simplification and perhaps lethargy when it comes to communication. Why type out the words ‘Win at all costs’ when you can reduce it to WAAC and everyone still understands?

Well therein lies the problem – not everyone immediately knows your choice of abbreviations and acronyms. Should they make an effort to because you have chosen to speed up your dialog by using them? That’s your choice, but for those that do, here is a list to help get you along.

General gaming:

WAACWin at all costs. A player who chooses to forfeit certain aspects of the game or his force to pursue every possible avenue to help achieve winning games.

FTWFor the win. A term often applied as a positive ending statement, perhaps instead of ‘are great’ or ‘really kick some arse’.

WYSIWYGWhat you see is what you get. This is a general acronym used in many contexts. In Warhammer it means models should fairly represent what they are supposed to be.

Warhammer 40,000 (also known as 40k or WH40k)

CoDCities of Death, 40k expansion.

BGBBig Grey Book – A nickname for the 40k rulebook.

LatdLost and the Damned. A now outdated armylist, but still relevant for nostalgia, themed army collections, fan rules.

IGImperial Guard

SMSpace Marine(s)

CSMChaos Space Marines

SW – Space Wolves

C:<Abbr> – example C:SM or C:IG – The C stands for Codex. In these examples, Codex:Space Marines and Codex:Imperial Guard.

Warhammer (Also known as WH):

BRBBig Red Book – A nickname for the WH rulebook.

ASFAlways strikes first

AHWAdditional hand weapon

BS – Ballistic skill

BSB – Battle standard bearer

CR – Combat resolution

BoCBeasts of Chaos

DoW – Dogs of War

WoCWarriors of Chaos

OnG / O&GOrcs and Gobins

OKOgre Kingdoms

TKTomb Kings

VCVampire Counts


CCClose Combat

WS – Weapon skill

KoSKeeper of Secrets – Slaaanesh’s greater daemon.

LoC – Lord of Change – Tzeentch’s greater daemon.

GUOGreat Unclean One – Nurgle’s greater daemon

BTBlood Thirster – Khorne’s greater daemon.

RoCRealms of Chaos. Two old books published by GW detailing the background and rules for the 4 chaos gods and their minions.


D6 – a six sided die. The number after the D defines the sides, the number before denotes the quantity of dice. 2D6 means to use (roll) 2 six sided dice.

LotRLord of the Rings

GWGames Workshop

AoWAvatars of War – a game and miniature series that suit the Warhammer range of models.

Have you come across any acronyms you do not understand?

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