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Welcome to the first MyWargame product review!

Hailing from a new company, Outcast Wargames, the Grizzled Squad Leader Heads set is a pack of 5 human heads suitable for 25-28mm miniatures. At a cost of £2.50, the 5 heads come to 50p each. This equates to 10-30p more than buying a plastic head from a bitz store but a good ~30p less than other custom stores such as Maxmini. For a selection of unique and varied heads it is easily justified, if only to break up the monotony of your troopers’ faces!

At first glance the heads look aptly grizzled. I felt they may be a little small for my intended purpose – 40k humans. Here is the metal, fresh from the jiffy bag:

okr_01Fortunately I had some Badab Black on stanby, so quickly washed the metal and took a better pic:

okr_02The faces are very characterful, varying in size, shape and details. On the far left we have an older, gaunt looking face with a long thin beard. The second in row has a augmented eye and wires running from the top to side of the skull and from the cheek to chest. Third in line is a smaller bald head with a long vertical scar crossing his left eye.
Fourth is your typical ‘meat-head’ grunt, mouth open wide, shouting. Finally, on the far right is a typical looking grunt or officer with headset and mouthpiece. All five heads come with a bit of neck beneath, allowing you to adapt the model for any body, simply cutting off the required excess.

Exploring the size of the heads, I placed them alongside some Cadian heads from games Workshop:

okr_03As you can see, all the heads a little smaller. This is perhaps a little more realistic, but does mean they may look a bit out of place amongst typical guard. However, they are ideal for other models and ranges that have avoided the ‘beefy’ guardsmen proportions. I chose to use them primarily for my Adeptus Mechanicus models. 3 heads are now sported by Empire Fanatic models, destined to become Electro Priests. The augmented head makes a great piece for a Skittarri Tribune and the headset-head suits a guardsmen just fine. Check the gallery below for examples.

Other than the slightly smaller size, the only issue I found with these models is the depth of the head from front to back. They seem to be lacking some skull in the parietal region. Overall, these are nicely details heads suitable for a range of models. I am not certain if they were intended for 40k, but I felt they worked well with some of the smaller human models as demonstrated.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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3 Responses

  1. Sarah here from Outcast – many thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to write a review. The conversion using the bionic head is exceptional, and I look forward to seeing him painted! As it happens, our next set of heads will be slightly larger, so although they aren’t specifically designed for use with any one range of plastics, they will certainly sit better on the plastic Cadians.

    All the best, Sarah

  2. Excellent review, liking the pics a lot, best way to explain everything.

  3. Kidjal says:

    good use of the flagellants and the outcast heads. Many ideas.

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