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Removing hobby accidents from your clothes

I thought for my first post I’d write something practical and I was prompted after I dropped my brush on my new top the other night while painting some Dark Angels.  My somewhat abandoned Blog is called “It’ll never come out in the wash” and sadly for a long time this seemed true of acrylic paints.  However help is at hand and to prove it, I’ve documented a little experiment.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not in anyway responsible for any damage these tips may cause to your clothes, but if they would be ruined by the paint anyway you might as well give it a go.  With the powerspray I’ve not had any problems as yet.

Step 1: “Accidently” spill some paint.


Its my first post "Hello World" mandatory!

Step 2: Grab some Fairy Powerspray!

"Hands that do dishes are as soft as your face..."

"Hands that do dishes are as soft as your face..."

Step 3: Apply the powerspray to your clothes, and this bit is important, don’t add water yet.  At this point I used my nails to scrub the shirt a bit and get most of the paint away.  You may want to leave the spray for a few mins if you think it might be a tough job.

Step 4: Add some water and scrub away

This had better work...

This had better work...

Step 5: Dry and its done!

Green is my favourite colour

Green is my favourite colour

Some tips I got from Whitehorn when I told him about this post:

  • White spirit also works for removing acrylic, however depending on whether you have any handy/like the smell, the power spray may be that little bit more home friendly, it also cleans your baking trays up a treat.
  • On a similar note, superglue can make a right mess of your clothes – nail varnish remover can remove it.

…and a final tip.  I find the powerspray really handy cause its easy to grab in a hurry, easy to apply and clean away.  Be mindful when in a hurry – careful what you grab, as during my experiment I reached for the nearest green spray gun and got this:

Green?  Yes.   Helpful?   No

Green? Yes. Helpful? No

Suffice to say not the best way to start my test – the paint proved to be harder to remove as a result of the Cif application!

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