Product review: Maxmini – Feral Heads

Hot off the anvil this week, the Polish mail swifty delivered us a pack of Maxmini’s newly released Feral heads. With the poll for next company to review clearly showing Maxmini as favourite, this review seemed inevitable.

Maxmini continue to produce highly detailed and well cast bits for all our custom model builds. The latest release from their ‘heads’ section are the Feral heads pack. Priced at almost £1 each they are quite a pricy investment for just a head, but as you will see below, the quality and scale of these heads perfectly complement your models and with minimal effort.

Maxmini Feral heads, as painted by Artur

Maxmini Feral heads, as painted by Artur

First up, here are the heads straight from the packaging. Absolutely no mold lines or flash to clean. A fine selection of barbaric faces, 3 with long and wild hair, 1 bald with a very stern expression and 1 very angry face with a mohawk! Initial thoughts concerned the long hair of 2 of the heads – this may prove to get in the way when placing into models with armour around the necks, although it could easily be clipped.

mwg_fh01Comparing the heads to Games Workshop’s helmet-less heads, they are roughly the same size, a little smaller on some, but we tend prefer such realism. The detail speaks for itself.


Marines aside, I feel these heads could work well on almost any human model. Here’s a size comparison against some Empire and Marauder heads.


Enough beating around the bush! Lets check out these heads on some Space Marines, or more importantly, Space Wolves. Here’s a hastily constructed Mark IV marine:


Another head on my Mark I marine, as featured in a MWG tutorial.


And finally, the new Wolf Guard plastics sporting a new head.

mwg_fh04As you can see, these heads work very well and are not restricted to just Space Wolves or even Space Marines!

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  1. Neil of Orange says:

    Very nice heads, can’t wait for the (rumoured) ork review!

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