Warhammer Armies: Skaven (part 1)

To celebrate the release of the recently released Warhammer Armies: Skaven I’m writing a series of articles exploring a number of areas hopefully of interest.  I’m keen for feedback and will certainly take any on board with future articles – so let me have your suggestions, corrections and anything else ratty I should include.

Part one
Some headlines for players old and new

Skaven are an army I’ve collected on and off since 3rd edition of Warhammer, although only getting serious (as in over 200 of the little furballs serious) in the 4th edition of the game.  This is the 3rd release of a specific army book for the race and in many ways this book goes back to a lot of the principles set down in the first book.   This will likely please many long term skaven players as many old favourites return and more play styles are supported with the new list and updated rules.

So what’s the headlines for experienced skaven players ?

  • You’ll get to put more of them on the table (provided you resist some of the new shinies) , points costs have almost universally decreased.
  • The plastic clanrat figures don’t suck.
  • Doomwheels andVermin Lords are back!
  • Queek Headtaker, Deathmaster Snikch, Ikit Klaw and Lord Skrolk return, and there’s a few new furry faces too.
  • 2 Lores of magic for skaven now, Ruin and Plague, which see many spells from 4/5th editions return.
  • Warlocks can now be promoted to level 2 mages.
  • A variety of new warmachines, some as weapon teams others as stand alone units join the army.
  • Mounts for your Warlord!
  • Hell Pit Abomination (giant chaos spawny thing) is a new rare choice and it offers skaven an extremely tough and pretty reliable anchor unit.

What’s the headlines if you play against skaven regularily?

  • Expect to see more of them on the table, points costs have almost universally decreased.
  • Skaven characters are potentially a lot nastier in combat now.
  • Skaven spell casting characters have a lot more tricks, I suggest a good look though the spells before you play against them.
  • A wider selection, and a few upgrades to existing, units means that Skaven players will have more options for dealing with your elite units.
  • (Adopt a whiney tone) Powercreep!  Overpowered, too good, unit X is far better than my unit Y.  Expect a few things that just don’t seem fair.  Then read the demon book again.

and so I don’t miss anyone out, what’s the headlines for new players?

  • Some great new plastics to help you get started.
  • If you want to try a horde army, this book is once again a great place to try that
  • Several playing styles are possible with the new book, all supported by a core army list rather than appendix, opponent consent only options.
  • You are encouraged to laugh when your own underlings die, you can even deliberately shoot at some of them!

That’s enough for part one, please check back soon for the rest of the series.  Part 2 I’ll look at some high level suggestions for the different play styles the book supports, both tactically and thematically.

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