Mini tutorial: Urban wasteland bases

As requested by a visitor to the site, here are 6 simple steps to create the bases that I’ve shown in my previous imagery. I selected 6 models to show each stage of the process.

To begin, add some sand or similar to the base. You can either glue it on with PVA and then paint a watery later of glue on top once it has dried, or use superglue if you want to get the job done quick. Add the sand in patches by applying small areas of glue and then dipping the model’s base into your tray of sand.


Once the glue is dry and the sand is secure it can be painted with the base colour. I’ve used Charadon Granite – a dark stone grey.mwg_bases_02

Let the paint fully dry – usually quite quick for foundation paints. Then apply a wash of Devlan Mud to the detailed areas and spots around objects such as the model’s feet and around the sandy patches.


When the wash is completely dry select a lighter colour for the first highlight. I used Adeptus Battlegrey. Load your brush with the paint and then wipe off as much as you can back into the paintpot and then wipe the brush almost dry on some tissue or paper. Now drybrush the base, concentrating on the sand and the edge of the base.


Select another lighter paint colour – I used Dheneb Stone. Repeat the process detailed above, applying a fine highlight to the more protruding areas of sand and the edge of the base.mwg_bases_05

Finally paint the smooth bottom edge of the base black, leaving just the light highlight on the trim. Then add some spots of superglue to flat areas of the base and sprinkle or dab clumps of flock onto the glue. Shake off the excess and remove any that stick to the model or side of the base. I used GaleForce Nine’s dead/winter static grass.mwg_bases_06It’s a good idea to do several models at once as some of the steps requires drying time.

Some further examples:





Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Neil of Orange says:

    I love the grass effect on these, despite advice to the contrary I’ve got a tub of GW’s newish dead grass to see how it compares – it has to be better than the shaved pool table stuff they used to sell!

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