December – MyWargame future plans

Somehow the site has kept afloat for a whole month now and the tutorials keep on coming! It’s both educational and enjoyable producing the guides and the feedback so far has been very positive.

Obviously I cannot physically produce such an article every day, but I will make my best efforts to keep the new content healthy and regular.  Contributing authors are always welcome to write for MyWargame, indeed this is already much more than a solo endeavour.

I’ve been asked whether there will be some form of order to the release of guides and reviews, to which I have to say no. For reviews, I can only produce an article upon receiving new products, so they are published as regularly as items are obtained. For tutorials I have a lot of plans but cannot commit to a set schedule for their releases due to my chaotic ‘real life’. However, I can give you some insight into some of the plans I have in mind.

As hinted in news posts, the pre-Heresy series will be ongoing, if only because it’s the strongest motivation in the hobby for me for the time being. I will visit the first 5 marks of power armour (2 already done so) as complete step-by step tutorials. In addition to this, a look at Terminator armour, classic weapons, legion specific models and painting and a more extensive guide to the available bits ranges for all parts of pre-heresy marines. I do not want to rush this series as it is the flagship for the website right now.

Outside the pre-Heresy sphere, we’re all involved in most things Warhammer and 40k, but not exclusively GW-inclinded. Everyone will be introducing themselves in a little more detail over the coming weeks, with an insight into our hobby and armies – feel free to interrogate us!

Neil_of_Orange and Kidjal both have plans to explore the latest editon of Warhammer Armies: Skaven, with tactical and building guides galore. Both hope to be regular contributors and coincidently both enjoy collecting Dark Angels too!

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