Reinventing the Steel – Sons of Horus Vanguard

To keep my own projects on track I am planning to put the spotlight on a select squad or unit from my collection each week and aim to tidy up and paint them.

The first installment for this ‘scrap workshop’ are my Vanguard / Assault Marines. These chaps began life as pre-Heresy Salamanders, but a good half of that army became Sons of Horus after a Great Crusade campaign, leaving them unloved and needing a fair bit of attention and paint.

On the tabletop I haven’t had a lot of success with Vanguard compared to the much cheaper Assault marines. This squad is slightly mix-matched due to campaign specific rules, so I also want to bring their gear into a legal state and their number up to strength.

So, introducing the band, we have:

Regular marine with plasma pistol and power sword.


And from behind – mainly to show you the lovely jump packs from Maxmini.


‘Ol Sarge. This was the original sergeant model. He’s armed with a power fist and bolt pistol.


Marine with power axe and plasma pistol. Why so many plasmas I wonder?


Hammerstein. Thunder hammers can never be too big!


Hammerpants from behind:


The boss. Intentionally poor picture here. This model is a disgrace! I’m not even sure why he has a sword, as he was built to be Kalus Ekaddon, who has twin claws. Go figure..!


Quite often the Reavers find themselves accompanied by a certain Chaplain:


I originally scratch built a Crozius for him, but typically it has vanished. This model stands testament to my heretical practices of defiling limited models. The base figure is the 2008 Games Day marine and the head is the result of hacking at a gauntlet from the Apocalypse Masters set. I sculpted the shape of a skull into the chest for added grimdark feel. It’s a Chaplain, that’s how they roll.


The obvious adjustments required are so:

  • There’s only 5 models plus a chaplain. To make these a proper assault squad, they need to double in size.
  • Everyone has power weapons – a hangover from being Vanguard. I’ll let the regular weapons slide, but the Fist and Hammer need to be addressed.
  • Who’s in charge here? Someone really needs to step up and be the real sergeant. Ekaddon’s crested helmet is staying put, but on which body will it end up?
  • Green. Far too green. They’re still wearing Salamander outfits.

Time to pull out the brushes and clippers!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. GDMNW says:

    I think you’ve got some great material to work with here. It’s a lot of fun taking something you’ve used before and re-jigging it to fit a new purpose.

    Of course. I speak with the benefit of hindsight. But I’m posting here because of the thunder hammer. That thing is hilarious!

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