Creating pre-Heresy marines: Part 5c – Mark II power armour

This is the third and final part of the tutorial for creating Mark II power armour. The previous parts can be found at:

Part A
Part B

To complete the armour the shoulder pads need to be converted and some optional tweaks to the armour.

For the shoulder pads, cut off the trim from around the edge. If you used a resin Red Scorpion pad you will discover, as I did, that the inside is hollowed out:

If this does not deter you, I chose to fill the gaps with putty. Take a piece of card or plastic and cover the surface with vaseline and then place your pad onto the card, flat side down. Roll a small sausage of putty for the gaps.

Bend the putty around the pad, pushing it into the surface of the model.

Push the putty flat against the card and scrape off any excess left against the pad and card.

Let the putty fully cure and then cut and file it down smooth with the pad’s surface.

As detailed in part B, use PVA glue to dot studs on the pad. I hold the pad against my thumbnail with some tac so that none of the glue gets rubbed off.

Add studs to both pads in this way, if you do both at once the first few dots will have dried by the time you’ve dotted all studs, allowing you to do layers without pause.

At this point the model can be assembled and if you deem so, completed.

However, comparing to the example model, I chose to extend the breastplate front so that it goes into the neck.

To begin this, add a ball of putty to the top of the chest.

Push the putty against the chest and square plate.

Let the putty cure a little so that it has the consistency of liquorice and then mark lines with a knife, continuing those of the existing square plate.

Let the putty fully cure and then cut away the putty outside these lines. If you want to model the stripes of the cable in the gap, simply score them horizontally using a knife.

Chaos Space Marine arms are very conviently ideal for mark II armour as they have both gloves and studs in all the right places.

And thus we have fine example of mark II power armour for your pre-heresy army! Be sure to come back for the next and final part of this series which will cover mark V power armour.

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