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Rattus Vulgaris – Painting Skaven Clanrats step by step

By Kidjal

As part of our Tamworth Games Clubs "tale of" event I am currently building a Skaven army. I say building, but its built - one hundred plus grey plastic models glued together (for the most part) to practice the Skaven game plan.


Age of the Emperor – Warmaster pack 1.1 arrives!

By Rusty Dice

The long-anticipated Siege of Terror campaign packs have started to be updated by the Tempus Fugitives for the Age of the Emperor series. With Warmaster 1.1 now out, there are promises of releases for all the packs.

You can access the pack at: Armies of the Warmaster Pack

This update includes previews of several warzones, including:

  • Caliban (Dark Angels civil war)
  • Chondax (Space Wolves,  Alpha Legion, Orks)
  • Es-Thea (Ultramarines, Thousand Sons, Iyanden Eldar)

Introducing: Path of the Traitor – pre-Heresy event weekend

By Rusty Dice

Recently confirmed by head honcho of The Great Crusade (TGC) team, Shroudfilm, Path of the Traitor is upon us - the second official TGC event. Taking us back to the heart of the hobby, this weekend of pre-Heresy gaming will take place at Warhammer World in Nottingham, UK.

If you fancy yourself captain of forlorn forces amongst tracherous enemies in this popular era of Warhammer 40,000, make sure you lead your men to Warhammer World on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st March.


Reconstructing the Trygon – part 2

By Rusty Dice

Finishing the Trygon was a quick task since I didn't choose to modify any further parts of the model. It's a great kit to put together and has a good few options (spares!) to choose from.

For the paint scheme I was torn between a dark glossy look, much like the Alien films, and the earthy yellow and blacks of Starship Troopers' bugs. I opted for an Alien-inspired theme, but with a few subtle changes to move it away from the monotone black.

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How to make a simple wargaming table

By Neil of Orange

Happy new year!  (Well it has been a while since my last post).

I was racking my brains over the festive season for what I could do for the next sequence of posts I would do.  I don't have the 'degree of modelling skill' that all the GW kits inform me I require (I assume Whitehorn/Rusty Dice has his diploma proudly on display somewhere) so a series of sculpting articles wasn't going to happen.  I've already done a tutorial on the army I'm currently painting, so that leaves me with the other big chunk of hobby I am currently working on - my gaming table and scenery.

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