Creating Beastmen Centaurs

As part of our club’s “Tale of” project and a due to long-term interest in Beastmen as a whole, I’ll be building a new army this year – Beastmen of course! The first unit I want to tackle are the Centigors. I don’t like the price or the fact that they have claws instead of hooves, so set out to make something more Centaur-like and at a cheaper price.

The first idea was simple – find a horse that fits the Gor bodies. I decided to roll with this, using Marauder horses which I have in abundance. The boxed set is very handy for adding much needed variety to Marauder units, notably the multitude of spare heads.

The components are as follows:

A marauder horse

A Gor body (plus weapons and head)

The only work required of the Gor body is to remove the legs. I decided to keep the front gut plate and trimmed around this.

For the horse, the head needs removing.

The saddle will also need to be cut off at some point. Straps can go too, but I chose to keep them as I wanted to add cloth to the horse back and something to hold it into place.

Use some tac to pose the torso onto the horse. It needs to be raised a little so that the body of the horse flows into the Gor torso naturally. It is a little small, but can be fixed up with some putty.

I used a piece of spare plastic sprue to fill the gap in the horse’s neck and then glued the torso to this. Rolling a small sausage of putty, wrap this around the gap between the torso and horse.

Push the putty into the gaps and smooth it so that it connects the two pieces seamlessly. I redid the belt using a thin sausage of putty wrapped around the torsro and then pressing it flat with a sculpting tool.

The area cut out due to the removal of the saddle can be reconstructed into cloth, armour or fur.

Once happy with the body, attach the Gor arms and head!

Hopefully the variation in Marauder horses will let me make a faily dynamic unit, but I will try making some of the poses more dynamic – perhaps rearing up with spear pointing downwards on the champion.


Aint nothing but a horn

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