New Beastmen models preview

Images of the upcoming Beastman release have been floating around for a few days now. Games Workshop have lauched a poster displaying some of the new models. The responses I’ve seen on a few forums has been very negative. While I can understand some of the comments, I really think everyone should wait for official launch before making judgement.

All the following images are copyright Games Workshop. I believe they were originally uploaded by Waaagh_Gonads on Dakka Dakka.

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New Bestigor models

Plastic boxed set, on par with Empire Greatswords for price.
Rank up well due to similar poses, which may seem a little ‘static’ but I am more than confident that this can easily be dealt with. It’s a plastic multipart kit afterall!
Larger models than Gors, featuring very long horns. Great options for making Gor champions and perhaps even beastlords using the models.
Thrown in with other available kits (Warriors of Chaos for sure), these should a very appealing kit for any aspiring modeler.

Updated Gors

The Gor models have been split from Ungors, now receiving their own boxed set. A few new components have been promised and now sighted. Current rumours suggest these are now a ranked-only unit.

Updated Ungor

Like the Gors, these have been split into their own box. Unfortunately they’ve also been downsized to 20m bases, so existing players will have to rebase their Ungors.
Some new components are clearly visible from this picture, including a pot-belly!
Current rumours suggest that despite being ranked up in this picture, they have the option for skirmishing – likely coupled with the option to have short bows.

New Minotaur models

It’s great to see Minotaurs receive a plastic kit, but the general feedback on the sculpts has been quite negative. The highlighted issues with these models are the abundance of muscle definition (notably on the legs) and the new style feet. I feel a lot of the problem with this picture is the overly defined paint job. I look forward to getting my hands on these models and making my own interpretation of Minotaurs!

New Bray Shaman

This is potentially a character model, but serves as a shaman either way. Interesting Tomb King-styled staff.


Hastings at Warseer has also shown us a preview of the Razorgor model, which a few users have affectionately labelled as Pumba/Pumbagor. I can’t imagine why.

A preview of the new Doombull is available on Games Workshop’s website too.

I look forward to getting hold of these new models. I’ve really got an appetite for converting many of them, which I tend not to do with fantasy models. There’s a lot of potential for this with Beastmen!


Aint nothing but a horn

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