Creating Pre-Heresy Terminators – part 1

Pre-heresy Terminator armour, or Tactical Dreadnought Armour, varies extensively from modern suits in appearance. Not only does the generic armour have significant differences, but each Legion’s collection of suits is very stylised, perhaps moreso than their Power Armour.  Thanks to the vast selection of imagery, this allows us to be creative in our approaches.

There are a number of key differences compared to modern Terminator armour:

  • Helmet
  • Plumes
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Weaponry
  • Gorget
  • Decoration

Rather than tackle the whole list at once, I intend to address one or two features per article and present a number of options with each post. Should a conclusion be derived, I’ll revisit the series with an overview to better organise my findings and guides.

First in the list are shoulder pads.

Pre-Heresy Terminator shoulder pads are very different to the modern dome design. Instead they are traditional curved plates that rest atop the shoulder area and are often adorned with belts, drapes, lapels or even ornate patterns.

There are many existing methods of creating pre-Heresy shoulder pads using components already available from kits. Here are two popular methods:

Dreadnought knee pads:

The plastic Dreadnought kit comes with knee pad pieces. Buying an entire box for these would be expensive, but thankfully there are various traders who sell them alone. Also, the Ravenwing boxed set includes some for Dark Angels. These can be scraped down to plain pads if required.

The kneepads fit nicely against the Temrinator armour torso and will cover normal Terminator arms, though you can see most of the arm underneath.

Using Ork shoulder pads:

There are two basic components to this method. A pair of Space Marine shoulder pads, and..

Two Ork shoulder pads, preferably those shown below:

A single cut is required on the marine pads, removing the flat edge from the bottom. This allows the pad to sit against the torso model.

Simply attach the Ork pad to the top of the marine pad.

This method of shoulder pads works best with regular marine arm tops, though you can still attach terminator assault weapon sections in stead of the forearms.

Altenrativly, Chaos Knight arms work well and continue the medieval feel of the armour. The image below uses Space Wolf shoulder pads instead of plain marine pads:

In the next installment I’ll be showing you how to construct pads from plasticard to suit some of the pre-heresy artwork and customising the Terminator torso to suit the style.

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  1. King Fluff says:

    On mine I’ve trimmed the space marine pad at the top of the curve rather than the open section at the end, this kinda looks similar to the dreadnought pads method but less bulky

    nice work 🙂

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