Forge World goodies – Imperial Guard Tauros Venator

Many of you may have received todays Forge World newsletter (always as they are, a herald of over spending). Of interest to our American cousins will the free shipping ANYWHERE in the world over £150 offer now in place, so it might be worth chucking in those bulk orders while you have the chance.

Annnndd. … a shiney new vehicle for the Imperial Guard!

Image copyright Games Workshop 2010

More images at Forge World

The Tauros Venator is a light attack vehicle, not an APC as was originally thought back at Games Day ’09 (I would guess an APC varient might be in the works though, given the two part nature of its name). This reminds me of a half track, or a warthog of Halo fame. Either way, it’s a very cool kit.

Look at those shocks, the detailing on the running boards. It screams for cusomisation and kit, forage bags and damage.

Can’t wait!

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