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Sourcing the Jabberslythe?

By Rusty Dice

Today Games Workshop fully announced the release of the plastic Winged Nazgûl for their Lord of the Rings range. While a beautiful model in its own environment I cannot help but wonder where this model can see other uses.

The first idea to come to mind is the re-imagined Jabberslythe in the upcoming Warhammer Armies: Beastmen.  What is a Jabberslythe? The name and description confirm the obvious - the classic Jabberwork.

The Jabberworck, as illustrated by John Tenniel

The Jabberwock, as illustrated by John Tenniel

Games Workshop once had a Jabberwork in their monster range, as far back as the 1986-1991 catalogue - a picture can be seen at Stuff of Legends.

Personally, I fully intend to recreate this classic concept and find the Fellbeast to be a perfect base:

Image and model copyright Games Workshop 2010

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