Reconstructing the Trygon

This had to be done.

  1. The model is gorgeous. Always has been, just not been so affordable until now.
  2. Aliens shouldn’t have eyes! Perhaps I’ve been scarred by Giger and Ridley Scott, but I think it’s for the best.
  3. Aliens…

Tell me this isn’t both awesome and scary.

Image copyright Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

The Trygon kit is both easy and fun to build. The instructions are straight forward. Head goes onto body, tails goes onto base, right? So I won’t be providing a step by step guide for that. However, a couple of thoughts in hindsight of building it:

  • Pose the 6 arms before attaching. You do not want your Trygon doing the funky chicken!
  • Glue the smaller spikes before attaching arms. There’s not a lot of room to squeeze them in afterwards if you have put the arms in first.
  • If following the guide, complete each step at a time. I skipped across some and ended up pulling it apart to fit in the previous parts!
  • Hold the torso the right way up. I glued my arms on upside down.

We all make mistakes, but these at least gave me a good laugh (at myself).

The connection between the tail and the lower torso is a very firm ‘plug’ of plastic. I opted to not glue this so that the pieces can be stored and carried seperately. If the join isn’t so firm for you, magnets may be the answer.

I made some very subtle but definining changes to the head. Slicing away the front armour plate and resculpting the brow and covering the eyes. I added another line of sinew across the jaws and filled the cheek holes with wirey flesh:

A couple of shots on the body:

I couldn’t forget the key character though. Keeping true to form and Tyranid-only parts, I built the tongue using a ripper. Minus eyes of course.Head with tongue:

This isn’t the first step for my eye-less Tyranids. I’ve toyed with the concept on a few models. Some work, some need a different approach.

Tyrant guard:


I’m not sure how I want to approach the colour scheme just yet. I would like to go with the traditional alien look, but it’s mostly glossy black.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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2 Responses

  1. Neil of Orange says:

    Oh go on, add a bit of blue, green or purple and some water effect – profit.

  2. Kidjal says:

    ohh i seeee.I couldnt see any green stuff on my mobile. I thought that was just how it already looked. Doi.

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