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Blood Angels – new models sighted 4

Blood Angels – new models sighted

This image has popped up on various forums, apparently from the March WHite Dwarf, portraying some new Space Marine models are parts for the Blood Angels

Image Copyright 2010 Games Workshop - click to enlarge

The keen eyed will quickly notice just how many new parts are involved here:

  • Modelled wings on shoulder pads – ideal for pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children as well as Blood Angels.
  • A new mark III helmet, easily converted to any legion by removing or adapting the tears on the mouth guard.
  • Another mark IV helmet, similar to the Black Templar sprue.
  • Mark V and VIII chest plates – Mk 8 is great for Mk II conversions!
  • High-crested shoulder pad – useful for Custodes or Honor guard kit bashes.

Image Copyright 2010 Games Workshop - click to enlarge

Creating Space Marine Legions: Thousand Sons – part 1 3

Creating Space Marine Legions: Thousand Sons – part 1

I’ve always been a fan of both Tzeentch and the Thousand Sons, originally through the seduction of Chaos in my earlier years, but more recently with the original legion. I’ve been itching for an excuse to build some pre-Heresy Thousand Sons for a while now, so here’s my first venture into the path of the sorceror!

The Thousand Sons are one of the most stylized legions, with highly ornate decorations on their armour and unique weaponry. Their concept is undeniably inspired by Egyptian architecture and mythology, adorned with iconography such as scarabs and khepesh-like blades.

Fortunately the Chaos Space Marine range provides plenty of options to meet these needs.

Painting metallic pre-Heresy Thousand Sons 14

Painting metallic pre-Heresy Thousand Sons

This is my method for painting metallic pre-Heresy Thousand Sons, in seven easy steps. I’ve been assembling a force for a while and this is a test scheme I tried out; in the end I decided not to go for the metallic look on the force, although there was interest about how the look was achieved and so I created this tutorial.

I spent a while looking for metallic red paints but didn’t find anything which worked well for my purposes. If anyone does, though, please let me know! So this is all done with Games Workshop paints (regular, Foundation, and washes).

It is important that you let each layer dry fully before painting the next. This can take a few hours but if you don’t wait for them to dry then the paint can pool and mix in funny ways you don’t want. Aside from drying time it’s very fast, and could be sped up more by batch-painting and/or using an airbrush.

Competition: Heresy Online – painting and converting 0

Competition: Heresy Online – painting and converting

Heresy-Online have 2 new competitions running for both painters and converters. Both competitions end on March 31st so you have plenty of time to check them out and try your hand at winning a Battle Force and/or $50 store credit!

From the Wrathlord’s announcement:

Alright folks, after a long hiatus, the Painting Contest is ready to begin once again and this time around, thanks to our own Bitsandkits, we have a wickedly cool prize to give to the winner: a Battalion/Battle Force of choice! Head on over to Heresy Online’s 2010 Painting Contest thread to enter.