Coming soon: Codex Crusades

Before you continue, this is strictly a fan-developed project and as such has no official bearing. This should not quell your excitement, but do not expect anything of this sort from Games Workshop!

With the ever-growing interest in the pre-Heresy era of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, we’ve seen fan-made rules and campaigns from many sources. Perhaps the two most impressive projects are the Age of the Emperor series from Tempus Fugitives and Warhammer 30,000 from Bell of Lost Souls. The Great Crusade team have also promised their own take on these events. While all impressive, MyWargame plans to take a wholly different approach.

Codex Crusades aims to deliver hobbyists a comprehensive guide for playing and collecting Warhammer 40,000 forces that are themed to fight in the historic era of The Emperor‘s Great Crusade.  We would like to present an extensive resource of information and imagery to aid gamers of all skill levels and ability.

Planned for sequential release, each chapter of the codex will concentrate on a selection areas, building upon each previous release. Major features will include:

  • Custom units and game rules for each army
  • New missions, playable with official or custom rules
  • Hobby articles detailing how to build and paint models for the crusades
  • Campaign examples and rules
  • Fan fiction

As ever, we appreciate any feedback and suggestions.  All contributions are welcome. Watch this space!


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