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Reaper Miniatures – Winter painting contest

A little late posting this, but there’s still time to get an entry done.

Reaper Miniatures are hosting a painting competition for their miniatures with a winter theme. The deadline  is 15th February and the top 3 entrants will be awarded with a gift certificate.

Welcome to our first online painting contest of 2010. This contest, while a winter contest, has no particular theme. However, entries that are built with a theme in mind and stay consistent to that theme will be considered more highly than others.  In other words, we like fun and clever. Be fun and clever.

Weigh your chances, enter wisely. Enter as many times as you like, but only one entry per user will be eligible for the final vote.

This thread will be locked February 15th, 2010 (1 minute after midnight, CST). Our staff will pick their favorite entries, then you guys will be able to vote on those favorites.  And three lucky people will get a lovely gift certificate.

1st: $50 Gift Certificate
2nd: $25 Gift Certificate
3rd: $15 Gift Certificate

Fine print:
Reaper reserves the right to remove entries if deemed inappropriate, but the general nudity rules will be lifted for this contest.
Inappropriate in this case includes a non-Reaper figure.
You can post a side-by-side image featuring two different views of your entry if you need.
Photoshopping your entry is strictly prohibited. Even something simple like adding a logo is prohibited.
Enter as many times as you like, but only one entry per user will be eligible for the final vote.
Previously posted stuff is fair game. This is a friendly contest.
The certificates will be redeemable through the Reaper Online Store.
Reaper can clarify and amend rules at will.
Go ahead and have your friends vote, but many votes from the same IP address will likely be ignored. Especially if your piece isn’t that great. No peeing in the pool!

Posting Guidelines:
Please attach your entries using the forum uploading feature or hotlink from the Inspiration Gallery. We want to make sure they’re visible at all times.
Please keep critiques and any other chatter to yourselves within the thread. Any non-entry posting can be deleted at any time.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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