Creating pre-Heresy marines: Part 6b mark V Power Armour

Continuing and concluding the pre-Herey power armour series, this is the second part of Creating pre-Heresy marines: mark V Power Armour.

You can view the first part of this tutorial here: part 1.

The second part of this tutorial shows how to make power cables for the thigh plates and a quick method of adding studs to the whole model.

The thigh plates on Mark V armour have two vertical strips. These can easily be created using putty. Roll out a small sausage of putty and place it firmly against the plate:

Use the flat edge of a sculpting tool to press against the putty, making the external edge smooth and then let the putty harden a little.

Taking a wet or lubricated knife, slice along the long sides of the strips to create flat edges. I place the knife on top of the putty and press the whole blade down to cut. Repeat this to clean the top and bottom edges.

Then press into the stris with the knife to create horizontal lines along the whole length of the strip.

You can also continue the lines at the sides of the strip using a knife.

Repeat this process so that you have 2 strips per leg:

Compose the marine’s pieces to see how he looks.

The final task is to cover the model in studs. As Mark V power armour has a lot of studs, I chose to dot PVA across the model, as this is the quickest means of doing so. This can be achieved by taking a thin tool, such as a pin or cocktail stick and dabbing small dots of glue onto the model. Add further layers each each dot dries.

For Mark V armour, the studs are located on the shoulder pads, helmet, and shin pads. Once you are happy with the quantity, position and depth of studs you can compose the model and prep him for painting. I recommend a good layer of primer spray for models that have PVA work to help fix the studs in place. They rub off easily until primed.

While this concludes the first series of tutorials for MyWargame and pre-Heresy it is certainly not the end! Those of you who follow the polls here help influence what I choose to tackle next and as such you can expect to see some pre-Heresy Terminators and both painting and modelling guides for your favourite legions. For now, I plan to tackle a glass of Scotch!

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  1. Steve says:

    Love the amount of detail you’ve put into it.


  2. Archangel says:

    Really easy and nice conversion! I’ll try it myself as well. Especially love the idea of making rivets from PVA glue… 🙂

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