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A model a day – day 2 – Dark Mechanicus Combat Ogryn

By Rusty Dice

The challenge continues! Yesterday I painted the first menial for my Dark Mechanicus force. This unit of menials, from the Tempus Fugitives Mechanicus codex, can be up to 30 models strong, with up to 10 of them upgradable to Combat Ogryns - COGs.

Adding to this unit today, here's a COG in all his imrpovised glory, wielding a pole torn from the floor - a great model from ForgeWorld's renegade guard series. I would love to include the whole 10 COGs in my menial unit, but the cost of these models is far too much for their points value.

I haven't made any modifications to the model, but left off the small canisters that attach to the pipes on his back. I have another use for those and prefer the COG to look depraved and battle-worn.


A model a day – day 1 – Dark Mechanicum Menial

By Rusty Dice

With just 45 days to go until the Age of the Emperor campaign I really need to get on top of my painting and focus my dendrites. As a challenge, I am setting myself the task of painting at least 1 model a day towards the goal of having my force completed. That then works out at 45 models.

Starting small, I've begun by painting up my first menial. Menials are the most lowly servants of the Mechanicum, charged with basic labours and are very expendible. They provide little more than a distracting horde in game, but can be joined by combat ogryns for a bit more punch.

The majority of my menials are built up from spare goblin musicians from the Skull Pass starter set, but with the release of the new Skaven models I had to take a scalpel to them!


Model review – Scibor Celtic shoulder pads

By Rusty Dice

The Polska mail left me a nice little parcel from Scibor miniatures today. I had made an order that included some of their newly released shoulder pads.

I like the ornate design and shape of these pads, making them suitable for specialist warriors, either of the space marine variety or chaos warriors.

Take care when clipping them from the resin sprue as they can easily break. If you cut the main join, rather than the tempting side joins, you should safely remove the pad without breaking the model.


40k Mission Review – Close Quarters Action

By Rusty Dice

With the release of the Battle Missions expansion for Warhammer 40,000 we have a fresh injection of official variant missions. I say official because while there's nothing to stop gamers playing anything they want to play,  quite often they require that official nod before accepting something to be fair. Whichever side of the fence you sit, there's some exciting new missions to try out over the next new months.

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New White Dwarf – not to be missed?

By Neil of Orange

I'm so impressed with April's WD (that I as a subscriber I got today) I wanted to do a quick post on it.

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