Painting Space Marine Legions – Alpha Legion – part b

Continuing from part A, this article concludes the guide for painting pre-Heresy Alpha Legion marines.

The model used for this tutorial was built in a previous tutorial:

Mark V power armour: Part A | Part B.

One of the risks of using PVA glue to create studs is that they can be easily rubbed off when handling the model. Inevitably some of the studs did rub off this model whislt painting, leaving some areas looking a little strange. A quick an easy way to resolve this, which also helps contribute to weathering the model, is to drill small holes where the studs should be. In the picture belows, I’ve drilled a hole in the helmet and shoulder pad where studs were rubbed off.

To paint the Alpha Legion Hydra symbol, I broke it down into basic shapes and form. First paint a semi circle representing the outer curve of the hydra’s neck and top most head. Then add a smaller curve around half way up the length of the major curve.

The colour used here was a 1:1 mix of Goblin Green and Snot Green.

Similarly, smaller hydras were added to the knee pads. A little hard to see in the image, they were formed by painting a horizontal line at the bottom of the pad, curving the line on the left side to form a second line above it. Then add 3 small flicks from the top line to form necks.

Returning to the shoulder pad and with reference material at hand, bulk out the necks of the hydras and heads. Keep all the lines curved to make the shape look natural.

Add small spines to the outside of the curve and finish the head shapes with jaws and brows. A quick highlight, adding more Goblin Green and white to the mix,  helps bring out the curvature of the hydra’s necks.

I decided to paint the Boltgun with hazard stripes to give the model further contrast as there’s a lot of silver in use.

The basecoat is Charadin Granite, followed by a drybrushed 1:1 mix of Codex Grey and Mithril Silver. The casing was painted fully in Iyanden Darksun and once dry, the dark lines were added with Charadin Granite.

The whole model was carefully washed with thin layers of Devlan Mud and yellow touched up with Iyanden Darksun again. If you prefer a cleaner look, add yellow to the mix to brighten the colour.

Some small areas of weathering were added to the model – notably the shoulder pad. This is a good way of covering up any paint that may have been scratched off! For this model I returned the base colour of Regal Blue, adding a little Charadin Granite. This was painted in blocks where the paint is intended to be worn. Then Chainmail silver was painted along the edges and on the dark blue, leaving a thin but visible line around the edge.

A thinned wash (Purple and Black) can be added to the weathered area to help blend it together.

And there we have it. A new Alpha Legionnaire, ready to kill some Ultramarines!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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3 Responses

  1. Preheresypirate says:

    Just checking this is for pre-heresy alpha legion, as they had a letter A with a chain running through it on one shoulder with a triangle or roman numeral squad marking on the other shoulder.

    Awesome tutorials, best pre-heresy so far, keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Magos Explorator says:

    Very nice, particularly the boltgun’s hazard stripes.

    One smaller issue, though–the pre-Heresy Legion symbol was the chained A, rather than the hydra, so I’d expect to see that somewhere.

  3. Rusty Dice says:

    The various artwork seemed to lack the Alpha symbol which further confused the issue, though now I look back they’re all ‘Heresy’ era images, hence the Mark V. It’s always a problem with studded pads stealing up a potential flat area for a symbol.

    This monitor is less forgiving of my light box – I really need to sort it out! 🙂

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