Model review – Scibor Celtic shoulder pads

The Polska mail left me a nice little parcel from Scibor miniatures today. I had made an order that included some of their newly released shoulder pads.

I like the ornate design and shape of these pads, making them suitable for specialist warriors, either of the space marine variety or chaos warriors.

Take care when clipping them from the resin sprue as they can easily break. If you cut the main join, rather than the tempting side joins, you should safely remove the pad without breaking the model.

If, like me, you clip the sides, the force of the cut will likely snap the main join and break the pad.

Honestly, take a lot of care detaching the pads. I managed to break 3 of the 8!

The first urge is to place the pads onto various arms to see how they look. The inside the the pad model is quite filled, so will need some cleaning either inside the pad or on the arm model to fit. Below I’ve shown how the pad won’t fit on a Terminator arm without some cutting and filing. Also shown is a marine arm and chaos warrior arm.

It’s safe to say the pads are a bit too big for regular marines:

Here’s a comparison shot to other pads.  In order form left to right:

Dreadnought shin, company champion, Scibor, Space Wolf Terminator, chaos warrior, Space Wolf, Ork, Scibor

So, the obvious (and intended) target is Terminators. Here’s one assembled with marine arms:

Another with trimmed Terminator arms:


Aint nothing but a horn

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