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Pre-Heresy Top Ten #3

By Rusty Dice
Another top ten of pre-Heresy goodness. Check out this week's selection of blogs and models!
  1. Scratch built Mk1 Land raider - by lascannons and Lances
  2. Luther's Honour Guard - by Kidjal
  3. Terminators and Sternguard - by Team Fisto
  4. Converted Khan on a bike - by Dave Taylor
  5. Thousand Sons - by Dez

CRUX-pattern Storm Raven tutorial

By Rusty Dice

patzgcrux has kindly allowed us to repost his Valkyrie-driven Storm Raven kitbash tutorial on MyWargame.

This tutorial was originally posted at Bell of Souls, I guess you can call this conversion the CRUX pattern BA Storm Raven.

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Building a Storm Raven-part 3

By Rusty Dice

The show must go on! I'm really fighting the urge to say the model is 'good enough' and get it painted, especially with looming deadlines for the army, but the more time I spend on the model, the happier I am with the build.

Today I looked into the tail and adding extra wing mounts onto the engines. Here's my train of thought:

I really want to make use of the eagle shape from this Cities of Death piece.


Building a Storm Raven-part 2

By Rusty Dice

A small update for this time-eating project!

I decided to take an easy way out of doing the Dreadnought grapples - they're inside the ship!

Making use of a Spare Drop Pod door I ordered a while back (I'll make a seer of me yet!), I stole the hinges to make the back of the ship look like doors. You could equally use the spaer bit of casing cut out of the engines.


‘Horus Heresy’ (FFG) Boardgame Review

By Rusty Dice

A great review of the Horus Heresy boardgame by Shroudfilm, of The Great Crusade notoriety:

The first thing that everyone has commented on when opening the box is the miniatures. Dear sweet holy Terra... there are hundreds of the things in all the colours of the rainbow. Well, all the colours of the Chaos gods. Plus grey.

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