A model a day – day 4 – Feral Servitor

Day 4 of  ‘a model a day’; Happy Easter!

Unsurprisingly I’ve been working on a completely unfestive model for Good Friday – a feral Servitor. This/these models require a little introduction. If you have read Mechanicus, you will have heard of feral Servitors. The name alone was enough to inspire me. I decided to collect no less than 30 servitors to turn into these things. They are simply Servitors that have gone wild.

As my army is for the Tempus Fugitives campaign, they obviously need to reprensent a unit. Currently there is no unit for them, so I have been using them as Plaguebearers as they can be fielded within my army.

Here’s the basic model. The servitor is from the Inquisitor Corteaz set. His right arm is a from the marauder sprue, the dendrites are the bottom of a servo skull.

You guessed it, Charadin granite undercoat.

The metallics are drybrushed Tin Bitz, Dwarf Bronze, then Shining Gol.

Wash the whole model in Devlan Mud, everyone loves Devlan Mud.

Once again I managed to melt the model’s base with a hot lamp whilst drying the wash. I blame this on watching the likes of Sparticus. Rather than waste the base, I rolled with the disformed shape and made it into something a little more scenic, adding a sewer pipe.

The model was finally drybrushed with Boltgun metal, the base covered in Charadin Granite. Notice a trend?

The skin was base coated in Dheneb Stone. This was washed in Asuryan Blue and then highlighted with Dheven Stone again.

The base followed my urban bases tutorial.  A little water effect added to the inside of the pipe and lower base area.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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