A model a day – day 11 – feral Servitor horde!

A model a day; day 11 – feral Servitor horde! I decided to finish up my horde of servitors today. Rather than drag them out with multiple posts, I’ve addressed a whole 15 model squad of them at once to finish up the horde.

For the last 2 Servitors I tried out a different approach to the metallics, not unlike that used on my other Dark Mechanicus units recently.

The base metallic colour is achieved by painting the models Tin Bits and then drybrushed Dwarf Bronze and Shining Gold.

The models were then washed in Devlan Mud to blend the colours together and add shadow.

Finally the whole model was drybrushed silver, leaving this stage as final.

The flesh was painted Dheneb Stone, washed Asuryan Blue and then highlighted with Dheneb Stone again. The overalls simply painted Chaos Black.

Here’s a comparison against 2 of the other metallic method.

And the horde as a whole!


Aint nothing but a horn

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