A model a day – day 16 – reload!

A model a day; day 16 – reload! This weekend has been very busy, so I’ve missed out on full model posts, but am instead posting a few work in progress shots of models for my Dark Mechanicum force.

A brand new Chimera is nearly done. The basic construction is the same as the previous conversion, but with some extras including spiked plates, pipes, shields and a servitor pilot. This will also be given a dozer blade.

The original Chimera has been given a dozer blade, painted in hazard stripes. Both vehicles have yet to be given hull weapons as I haven’t made a decision on which best to use.

Nearing completion is my Khorne Daemon Prince . All he lacks now is a healthy dose of spikes from the resin kit and a bit more depth added to his skin.

More menials are on the way, both based on Skullpass goblins again. I have an abundance of standards and musicians, these are ideal to convert.

My Magos’ second protector is next in line for a full paint job. Brother Dargor hails from the Emperor’s Children.

Finally, a test piece for a possible Sagitarii.


Aint nothing but a horn

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