A model a day – day 16 – reload!

A model a day; day 16 – reload! This weekend has been very busy, so I’ve missed out on full model posts, but am instead posting a few work in progress shots of models for my Dark Mechanicum force.

A brand new Chimera is nearly done. The basic construction is the same as the previous conversion, but with some extras including spiked plates, pipes, shields and a servitor pilot. This will also be given a dozer blade.

The original Chimera has been given a dozer blade, painted in hazard stripes. Both vehicles have yet to be given hull weapons as I haven’t made a decision on which best to use.

Nearing completion is my Khorne Daemon Prince . All he lacks now is a healthy dose of spikes from the resin kit and a bit more depth added to his skin.

More menials are on the way, both based on Skullpass goblins again. I have an abundance of standards and musicians, these are ideal to convert.

My Magos’ second protector is next in line for a full paint job. Brother Dargor hails from the Emperor’s Children.

Finally, a test piece for a possible Sagitarii.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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5 Responses

  1. hashshashin says:

    you’re outta control I really enjoy all your work keep it up.

    Great Job!

  2. Ultra says:

    Cool Ideas
    Nice Sagitarii.

  3. bad moon on a full moon says:

    what you going to do for the head on the sagittarii then rusty dice? battle suit sensors and other bits might work

  4. Rusty Dice says:

    Tough question. I’m certainly swinging towards a sensor unit, but may even turn them into centaur servitors 🙂

  5. bad moon on a full moon says:

    centaur servitors sounds good but dont make the servitor torso too high or itll look odd, id say cut it off about half way along the curve of the neck of the horse if u know what im talking about. also i think the lascannon would probably look better closer to the body, to me it just looks a bit wierd now

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