Building a Storm Raven – part 1

With the addition of the ‘Storm Hawk’ to the Age of the Emperor pack, my Mechanicum force is able to field a very handy skimmer transport. More importantly, I have an excuse to build one of those Storm Ravens everyone is having a crack at!

The kit is almost wholly made from a Valkyrie. I used a few leftover bits from a Chimera for the cockpit.

A simple reversing of the entrance ramp sets the premise for the design.

Taking a lot of inspiration from the Thunderhawk, I planned the smaller wings to be fixed to the front. They can be attached with a spine without damaging the inside.

Lining up the pin so that it enters the small box on the interior gives it a decent depth and doesn’t mess up the insides of the model.

The wings are a bit too angled, so I added small edges of plasticard to the large end and drilled a socket for the pin.

I decided to attach the engines to the middle of the wings, but the existing model is too long. Cutting out the centre of the engine reduces the length enough to sit on the wings nicely.

Any protruding detail on this part of the wings and the notches on the engine need removing to create a flat surface for gluing.

The wing structure stayed the same as the Valkyrie, but I cut the side bars short and attached them towards the rear of the body. Planning to extend the lentgh of the hull, I cut off the edged back of the hull.

Most of this area was bulked out with plasticard, extending the hull to the end of the wings and giving the hull more height.

I cut out the top of the nose to re-position it for more height.

The rear underside is currently empty – I’m pondering Dreadnoughtclamps or another assault hatch.

The cock pit is built from Chimera parts. 2 armour plates for the base.

Then using the lasgun inside panels and a lot of plasticard, I scratch build the windows to sit on the base plate.

I plan to add a tail bar and weapons next. The wings need stabiliser jets attaching and the hull will need housing for the landing gear.

Continue to part 2.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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15 Responses

  1. AbusePuppy says:

    I think this is one of the first designs for a Stormraven that I actually like, since it’s not just “I added wings to a Land Raider.” Interested to see where this goes.

    Having the engines on top of the wings doesn’t really look good to me, though; it would be a lot better if you had them underslung or bisected the wing with the engine inside.

  2. Schnitzel says:

    While I’m still not buying into the Thunderhawk based designs every one seems to be leaning towards, I gotta say that yours is probably the closest to whatever GW might eventually release. Nice work.

  3. Rusty Dice says:

    2 reasons for the engines on top:

    They model has a flat edge, so I couldn’t make it intersect the wings. They had to sit above or below.
    This vehicle is build for atmospheric entry, so I wanted to keep the engines or the ‘safe’ side, with the heat hitting the belly of the craft.

  4. Kidjal says:

    what are you doing about any dorsal mountings? Are you adding a tail control surface or just a tail?

    What are you building the landing gear with?

    For preference I’d have added the stabiliser wings on the fuselage the other way around, balances the model a little more. That would mean messing with the aileron detail though I guess.

  5. Rusty Dice says:

    I have a Valkyrie kit, so using the gear from that.

    Mess with aileron detail? You’d have to build new wings from scratch, what’s the advantage other than a slightly different shape? Most plane wings with flaps are straight backed (drawn from the nose) anyway. Not seeing your point.

    As for the back, I’m going to run the Valkyrie cockpit back as a spine and built a tail fin on there not unlike the Thunderhawk.

  6. King Fluff says:

    looks amazing – might have to swap you some stuff to build me one 😉

  7. Rusty Dice says:

    Second builds will be much quicker, most of this was improvised and as you can probably tell from the amount of superglue splodge, redone al lot.

    May be up for commissions after SoT.

  8. Kidjal says:

    Most planes are more than a flying brick too, so aerodynamic detail becomes irrellevant 😛

    You wouldn’t have “flaps” (used for increasing drag and speed) on the front anyway, the stabiliser would (in reality) but a totally independant adjusting fin, with no moving parts within itself.

    I just prefer the thunderhawks front facing stabilisers to backwards sweeping.
    I think its a great build anyway, not a critisism, just an aesthetic thing. Its your model and what you think best obviously!

  9. Rusty Dice says:

    Admittedly I did it for shape, but your comment suggested I should turn it around AND redo the flaps, but I’ll probably detail over the flaps with more plating anyway.

  10. Kidjal says:

    Ahh right, just crossed wires. No I was just acknowledging that to turn them round you’d have to fill the recess as it would be the wrong way round for the original plate.

    Looking good though ~:)

  11. Rusty Dice says:

    Bah, someone spotted this in Space Wolves.

    Shall I accomodate or ignore it?

  12. kidjal says:

    easy enough, just shortern the wings?

  13. Gunzhard says:

    By FAR the best Stormraven I’ve seen so far. I will most certainly be borrowing this recipe. Can you please talk about the plastic-card sizes?

    I have a Valkyrie kit, a landraider crusader kit, and various other bits, plus various different sizes of plasti-card.

  14. Totenkopf says:

    I think this actually looks a hell of a lot better than the GW model! (no shock there…)

  1. November 7, 2011

    […] to make use of for their own raven kitbashes. After the flood of requests and imitations for my Storm Hawk, I'm going to be a bit more pre-emptive with this […]

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