Building a Storm Raven-part 2

A small update for this time-eating project!

I decided to take an easy way out of doing the Dreadnought grapples – they’re inside the ship!

Making use of a Spare Drop Pod door I ordered a while back (I’ll make a seer of me yet!), I stole the hinges to make the back of the ship look like doors. You could equally use the spaer bit of casing cut out of the engines.

Using just the middle bit, I attached this to the gap in the back plate,making it appear to be a ‘hinge’ to open the back.

The Drop Pod door fortunately has two sides, so I could make 2 hinges.I penciled in my intentions for the back of the hull…

Happy with the design, I glued a thin sheet of plasticard onto the back and cut it to fit. Lots of Pin Vice drill holes were added to keep the plates consistant with the rest of the ship.

The Valkyrie inlet was added to the back as a spine for the tail, though I’m not sure if I’ll put a tail on now.

Finally, more stud holes were added to the white card parts and studs glued onto the mid section.

I’m not sure if I like rear profile of the ship – the engines look vulnerable.

Finishing touches to go – still require the main guns.

Continue to part 3.


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