Building a Storm Raven-part 3

The show must go on! I’m really fighting the urge to say the model is ‘good enough’ and get it painted, especially with looming deadlines for the army, but the more time I spend on the model, the happier I am with the build.

Today I looked into the tail and adding extra wing mounts onto the engines. Here’s my train of thought:

I really want to make use of the eagle shape from this Cities of Death piece.

The obvious choice for the t-bar on the tail is the existing cross-piece from the Valkyrie kit. This will no doubt require some modification later.

The pieces pair up OK, but the overall shape is very different to the Thunderhawk design. This may have to change.

I can’t help but think of the Angel of the North when looking at this now!

I decided to bit the bullet and add smaller support beams onto the top of the exposed engines. A couple of people gave very convincing advice, so here we go. Keeping to the Valkyrie kit, the cockpit was the next victim. I broke down the parts as so:

They positioned quite nicely against the centre inlet, but didn’t really reach far enough.

They work well with the tail mock-up too.

When something isn’t long enough… you make it longer. I cut the pieces down further.

A quick pose shows that the extra length would work well – filling the gaps with plasticard.

I didn’t go into much detail with the plasticard to join the wing plates, just flat surfaces and a line of cable.

The ends of this top wing section also have an awkward shape that needs to be filled with something – I realy don’t fancy extending it with plasticard, so aimed for a hinge similar to the Thunderhawk.

For this, I hacked apart a Chimera Dozer blade.

The hydraulic section placed into the gap works nicely, but I need to figure out the rest of the hinge arm.

Continue to part 4.


Rusty Dice

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5 Responses

  1. AbusePuppy says:

    Looking a lot better for the engines. That tail looks a little off… do you think you could cant it backwards, so it comes out sloped? I think that would fit better with the more streamlined shape of the craft so far while still keeping the eagle design.

  2. Kidjal says:

    yeah, tail looks a little too upright and doesnt slope back enough.
    Too tall, I think too.

  3. Mark Mercer says:

    Is this mate from a pure Valkyrie and plastic card?

    I agree on the tail, it is too up right.

  4. Spinney says:

    This is already the best creation for a Stormraven i have seen. You’re doing a cracking job!

    I agree about tail fin. Nice idea, but support is too tall and maybe too narrow?

    The only other comment would be that i thought the engine cowlings looked better without the protruding hydraulics. Your call though.

    Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

  5. I’m with Spinney on the engine cowlings. They have good detail and don’t need to be hidden. I suspect though that you’re going to have some time of hinged addition with more wing space or some type of weaponry?

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