Pre-Heresy Top Ten #3

Another top ten of pre-Heresy goodness. Check out this week’s selection of blogs and models!
  1. Scratch built Mk1 Land raider – by lascannons and Lances
  2. Luther’s Honour Guard – by Kidjal
  3. Terminators and Sternguard – by Team Fisto
  4. Converted Khan on a bike – by Dave Taylor
  5. Thousand Sons – by Dez
  6. Imperial Fists – by shaw3029
  7. Sons of Horus + background – by Shadow Fall
  8. Completed Eldar Exodite army – by Macewind
  9. Leviathan multi-part kit* – by DreamForge Games
  10. Blast from the past:  Completed Emperor’s Children army – by Proximity

*Why have I linked this? Simply, it’s going to be an awesome bits kit for anyone wanting to kit bash some pre-Heresy dreadnoughts!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. kidjal says:

    all look great, shame about the sliced plasma coil on the last one!

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