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Pre-heresy top ten #5

By Rusty Dice
  1. Masses of photos from the Siege of Terra weekend
  2. A less chaotic selection of pictures
  3. Titan Knee joints - by Montyworld
  4. Scratch-built Mk1 Land Raider - by Lascannons & Lances
  5. Mechanicum in progress - by PedroKantor
  6. Ferrus Manus - by Iron Hands
  7. Justaerin and Falkus Kibre - by Big Will
  8. Star Wars-inspired Mechanicus - by Musings of a Metal Mind
  9. Win a copy of Horus Heresy - by Tabletop Hooligans
  10. Blast from the past:  Guardians of Terra - by Angels_Blade

Apocalypse, erm, then?

By Neil of Orange

With Whitehorn/Rusty Dice busy showing his Traitor Ad-Mech off at AotE this weekend, I thought I'd fill in with a post to keep you all happy.

Last weekend, Whitehorn arranged an all day gaming event at his local club.  As is becoming tradition, I made the pilgrimage north to attend.  The plan was to run a large apocalypse game, with the two of us nominally team leaders.  As people turned up to play, we'd take it in turns to bring them on, on either side.  By the end, we had 5 people aside.  Given the army construction rules were '1500 points, 30 model limit, no FOC, no formations' it was likely a lot of superheavies were going to turn up.


Sci-fi tube sculpting

By Rusty Dice

I found this so impressive and simple that it had to be reposted to show you all.

Over at modellierworkshop Stefan Niehues shows us how to your own ridged tubes using greenstuff and a handy tool from Masquerade Miniatures.


The path to Terra – T-minus 4

By Rusty Dice

The hypaspists assemble for battle!

Naturally I have left the most basic infantry to do last and the target of 24 hypaspists is quite a struggle! I have built 22, fully painted 8 and am well underway with another 13. Getting them done is now the priorty as the final release of the army rules means I won't be needing more than one Magos.

There's only 4 days 'til the big event. Will the Dark Mechanicum be marching to war in full colour?


The path to Terra – T-minus 7

By Rusty Dice

With just one week until the campaign weekend at Warhammer World, the pressure is on! Here's a few group shots of my army as it stands today. There's a good 20 models to do over the next 7 days, mostly painting.

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