Kelbor Hal!

Sadly this won’t be a tutorial, simply because I’ve sourced pieces from dozens of kits (aka my bits box) and sculpted most of the torso.

For inspiration I’ve used both the Collected Visions artwork and the new Horus Heresy boargame art. I went for the structure as portrayed in Collected Visions – a skeletal torso held in place by dendrites and robotics above a spider-like construct. From the Horus Heresy concept, I borrowed the additional armour fatures – shoulder pads and gorget.

Starting with the torso, I built a very simply mannequin with floral wire – an ‘n’ shape for the body, with another wire crossing this for the arms. The chest is from the Necron Warrior sprue, the rest is sculpted with green stuff. Here’s a WIP shot:

A few more dendrites and work on his power pack:

As for his ‘platform’, I’ve build a hover/walker abdomen with 6 limbs. 3 of the limbs are dug ito the base – The Collected Visions art has them plugged into the ship’s decking. The back 3 are freely articulating. I may redo the poses on these once I decide on the torso’s final position.

Doctor Robotnik anyone?I want to pose the arms better as he looks far too static. Not sure what to do with his left hand yet – the Collected Visions art seems to be holding an egg timer!

Next to my Magos:

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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3 Responses

  1. Very interesting conversion. Looking forward to seeing it painted up!

  2. Rush says:

    This conversion is amazing.

  3. bad moon on a full moon says:

    i really think that your magos looks more threatening and evil than kelbor hal at the moment, i just cant quite put my finger on what it is though

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