Building a Storm Raven – part 4

I ordered spare Autocannons from a Bits site and they thankfully arrived today, allowing me to post up some completed shots of the model.

Please note that this model’s armaments do not relfect the Storm Raven I Codex: Blood Angels. While I have built the model to be a Raven, my personal intention for it is a Storm Hawk for my Mechanicum army. This is a cutom unit for a special campaign.

The ship is armed with twin-linked Autocannons, twin-linked Heavy Bolters and 4 missiles. I decided to portray this as 4 individual weapons that share firing arcs.

The next exciting task will be to paint the Storm Hawk. This is the last time it will resemble anything remoely Blood Angels. Behold Halford’s red primer spray!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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4 Responses

  1. AbusePuppy says:

    That is looking really sexy. Definitely like the way those over-wings look, and the tail seems better as well, although still sorta off? Too late to do anything more now, of course.

  2. Looking from the side, I wondered if the wings were too far back, but the top view assured me this was a solid looking conversion. I’m not sure about the tail either, but I think it is because of the harse transition from the Valkyrie inlet piece not the bits used. If I were to copy this, and I might, I’d go back to mounting it where you had it first, but perhaps with a shorter vertical piece. Very nice conversion, very nice!

    Are you going to use the Valk landing gear, or let it sit as is?

    PS: I hate CAPTCHA. If I spend too long typing a post, the code doesn’t work anymore. Trouble with that, once I hit it I’m forwarded to a fail page and lose what I’ve written. This is the second time. After the first, I copy and paste.

  3. Rusty Dice says:

    I hate CAPTCHA too but I have to sift through a ton of spam comments which is just as annoying.

    I hope to mount the model in flying base, so leaving the feet off for now (imagining they withdraw into the body).

    Perhaps I’ll build another sometime as use these as Valkyries =)

  4. Joey says:

    Thanks a heap for a very thorough post with a good description of how to go about. I made this model yesterday, and it was so much fun I consider making another soon. The build took me 5hrs total, with magnetized weapon mounts (near the engine, under wing, front).
    What I also discovered is that the Rhino doors fit perfectly as side doors (just a little fix on the top corners) I magnetized mine so that I can swap them for some FW resin doors later.

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