Building a Storm Raven – part 4

I ordered spare Autocannons from a Bits site and they thankfully arrived today, allowing me to post up some completed shots of the model.

Please note that this model’s armaments do not relfect the Storm Raven I Codex: Blood Angels. While I have built the model to be a Raven, my personal intention for it is a Storm Hawk for my Mechanicum army. This is a cutom unit for a special campaign.

The ship is armed with twin-linked Autocannons, twin-linked Heavy Bolters and 4 missiles. I decided to portray this as 4 individual weapons that share firing arcs.

The next exciting task will be to paint the Storm Hawk. This is the last time it will resemble anything remoely Blood Angels. Behold Halford’s red primer spray!


Aint nothing but a horn

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