New Poll – Which construct to build?

I’ve put up a list of machines I would like to some day build, but am letting you decide which one to approach first and give the full MyWargame tutorial treatment.

A quick illustration for each unit is probably required, so here’s the bunch:

Knight Warden

Catalogue image here.

Kaban machine

Image pending – you can find this in Horus Heresy: Collected Visions.

Ordinatus Minoris

There are several builds of Ordinatus, but the Minoris is a smaller version regardless.

Images here.

Arbites Riot Truck

You’ll have to use your imagination here!

Imperial Robot

A page full of them here.


Catalogue image here.

Silver Towers

Catalogue image here.

Doom Blaster & Blood Reaper

Catalogue image here.


Aint nothing but a horn

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