Pre-heresy Top Ten #4

Here is this week’s top ten pre-Heresy links!

  1. Dark Angel Assault squad – by Angels_Blade
  2. Pavoni Librarian – by Yvraith
  3. Mk V Imperial Fist veteran – by Big Will
  4. First Captain Abaddon – by Big Will
  5. Horus Heresy boardgame battle report – by Bell of Lost Souls
  6. Truescale MkI Dreadnought – by Doghouse
  7. Mechanicus – by Proximity
  8. Luna Wolves – by Dralafi
  9. Fulgrim, Rogal Dorn – by Azkaellon
  10. Blast from the past: Truescale World Eaters – by Dichotomancer

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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