The path to Terra – T-minus 4

The hypaspists assemble for battle!

Naturally I have left the most basic infantry to do last and the target of 24 hypaspists is quite a struggle! I have built 22, fully painted 8 and am well underway with another 13. Getting them done is now the priorty as the final release of the army rules means I won’t be needing more than one Magos.

There’s only 4 days ’til the big event. Will the Dark Mechanicum be marching to war in full colour?

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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5 Responses

  1. Dave Taylor says:

    All the best mate! Paint like the wind!

  2. Aye, stick to it and make yourself proud.

  3. kidjal says:

    Im not going to finish, Im sure of it. Im dying of paint exposure.

  4. Vredesbyrd says:

    Here’s hoping you get them done on time, bit of a shame if not, but wholly understandable I suppose.

  5. hashshashin says:

    you can do it!

    great job so far everything looks great, I’ve become a fan of this blog and find it quite inspiring, Thanks

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