Apocalypse, erm, then?

With Whitehorn/Rusty Dice busy showing his Traitor Ad-Mech off at AotE this weekend, I thought I’d fill in with a post to keep you all happy.

Last weekend, Whitehorn arranged an all day gaming event at his local club.  As is becoming tradition, I made the pilgrimage north to attend.  The plan was to run a large apocalypse game, with the two of us nominally team leaders.  As people turned up to play, we’d take it in turns to bring them on, on either side.  By the end, we had 5 people aside.  Given the army construction rules were ‘1500 points, 30 model limit, no FOC, no formations’ it was likely a lot of superheavies were going to turn up.

Below you’ll see a gallery of shots I took on my phone, apologies for the quality!  I really enjoyed the day, and despite a fairly convincing crushing (I blame the Reaver!) the game was fun and had many memorable moments.  Certainly I’m hoping for a rematch, next time I’ll try to ensure we don’t shoot our own terminators with baneblade cannons…

Feel free to ask questions in comments!

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