Pre-heresy top ten #5

  1. Masses of photos from the Siege of Terra weekend
  2. A less chaotic selection of pictures
  3. Titan Knee joints – by Montyworld
  4. Scratch-built Mk1 Land Raider – by Lascannons & Lances
  5. Mechanicum in progress – by PedroKantor
  6. Ferrus Manus – by Iron Hands
  7. Justaerin and Falkus Kibre – by Big Will
  8. Star Wars-inspired Mechanicus – by Musings of a Metal Mind
  9. Win a copy of Horus Heresy – by Tabletop Hooligans
  10. Blast from the past:  Guardians of Terra – by Angels_Blade

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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