Monthly Archive: July 2010

Forge World Horus Heresy theories quashed 0

Forge World Horus Heresy theories quashed

Following the sneak preview of a Mark V Heresy marine helmet from Forge World, theories and rumours spread like wildfire. Could the filename ‘nl’ mean Night Lords? or simply News letter? We’ve had some hints of a possible Badab War project, but otherwise very little information to work with.

…Until now.

Revealing another helmet, Forge World clearly stated the project is set in the 41st millenium. So no Horus Heresy for us! However, the models alone are what we have been begging for and they look afntastic so far!

8th Edition Warriors of Chaos – Shadow synergy 0

8th Edition Warriors of Chaos – Shadow synergy

Having leapt into Warhammer’s 8th edition, it’s a lot of fun going through army books and new rules to re-invent armies and try no builds. So far I have been trying out as many different units as possible, taking advantage of any new rules. Festus in a unit of 50 Marauders, my first horde deathstar, seems to have worked up a few grudges at my local club so far!

Mechanicus Termite 5

Mechanicus Termite

I chanced upon the Ramshackle stand at the UK Games Expo last month and took their stock of ‘Boring Machines‘ off their hands for my Mechanicus army. At £8 and solid resin, they’re a bargain and a huge timesaver. I chose to use these as Termites for my Hypaspists to tunnel into war!

The basic model is a great start or even finish, for a termite. I decided to paint one out of the box and spend a little time converting my others.

The First Heretic – Synopsis 0

The First Heretic – Synopsis

The upcoming Horus Heresy release – The First Heretic – written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden is being well thumbed by a few lucky individuals with early copies.

I received this image of the book’s synopsis in my inbox this morning.

Whet your appetite!