8th Edition Warriors of Chaos – Shadow synergy

Having leapt into Warhammer’s 8th edition, it’s a lot of fun going through army books and new rules to re-invent armies and try no builds. So far I have been trying out as many different units as possible, taking advantage of any new rules. Festus in a unit of 50 Marauders, my first horde deathstar, seems to have worked up a few grudges at my local club so far!

Enfeebling Foe – Shadow spell
A hex that reduces the Strength of the target by D3, to a minimum of 1.

The Withering – Shadow spell
A hex that lowers the Toughness of the target by D3, to a minimum of 1.

Both spells are low cast and having both available increases the chances of getting at least one. Chaos Sorceror Lords can easily have 5 spells. Sadly neither is the signature spell, but that works quite similarly anyway:

The signature spell is called Melkoths Mystifying Miasma. Which is a bit of a mouthful. It is a hex spell that reduces either the enemy units WS, BS, I or M by D3. However, if you boost this spell, you get to reduce all four characteristics by D3. You have quite a few options with this spell, mostly by combining it with the other spells in the Lore to achieve maximum effect.

So what do you do with these?

Nurgle have a spell called Curse of the Leper. You can get it by default if you use Festus. This spell reduces a target units S and T by 1 and that number increases every friendly magic phase. This often gets dispelled in the enemy turn if not immediately, BUT why wait? Casting the Withering or Enfeeble first, followed by leper could very easily reduce a unit’s S or T to 0, thus killing the entire unit. No saves are allowed because no hits or wounds are made.

But that’s not all

There’s other tools to work with these 3 spells:

Glave of Putrefaction
The Glave reduces S and T to 2 if you are wounded.

Rapier of Ecstacy
The Rapier forces you to take a S test or.. be removed.

These two weapons work upon the reduction of S/T and affordable to Exalted heroes.

Bloodcurdling roar
2d6 S1 hits with no armour save.

I love this ability normally, but a S1 attack against enemies with reduced toughness makes it all the better! Imagine blasting some knights with T1/2 !

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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