Ramshackle latest – Nuclear Resistance, Quad bikes

Ramshackle Games have continued to churn out quality, cheap miniatures for their Nuclear Resistance range, models I have found to be very useful and compatible with Warhammer 40,000 or similar scaled games.

From their latest offering, I ordered a selection of tech-like models and one of the new quad bikes:

Quad bike (male rider) – £2.50
Drug-crazed lunatics – £1.50 for both
Ironstrike – £1.50

Scale-wise, every model fits in 28mm wargames perfectly. Here are some shots pit against my Mechanicum models:

Drug Crazed Loonatics


Unknown, unreleased figure

As for the Quad bike, the scale and legs seem to fit with any humanoid models at hand:

Cadian biker

Raven Guard biker

Renegade biker

Stay tuned to see how I integrate these models into my Mechanicum army!


Aint nothing but a horn

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