Kelbor Hal upgraded

As leader of my Dark Mechanicum and a definite choice for the upcoming Scouring campaign event, I have prioritised getting the old man prepared for battle. The original build left me feeling a little underwhelmed as his pose was too static and passive. Here’s a recap next to my Magos.

I felt his arms were too inert, despite being more machine than man. As a tabletop model who is intended to be sat on a battlefield, I wanted something a little more dynamic and commanding. Asking around for ideas brought up suggestion of more dendrites and crazy wires. That made sense, but didn’t solve my own concerns, so I set to the task.

Reposing his arms a little, I completely redid the hands to something a little less idle.

The backpack has been replaced, rebuilt from parts of the old.

Overall I am happier with the new composition, although a little unsure about the doubled flail-based appendages.


Aint nothing but a horn

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