Crusade-era Iron Hands

Seduced by the Omnissiah, my next pre-Heresy project has been long planned as Iron Hands. With the recent release of Forgeworld armour, my weak flesh succumbed and I had to make a few prototype models.

I am combining a lot of kits for these marines. The core models will be MkII and MkIII kits from Forgeworld, combined with some Death Guard and Iron Hands parts. I want a predominantly MkII feel to the army, but won’t be breaking my wallet by fielding everything from Forgeworld!

The inclusion of Death Guard – Nurgle models is to make use of the early armour, very stylised helmets and battle-damaged armour.

Here’s a couple of mock-ups using such parts:

The inclusion of Nurgle icons is intentional, as they’ll be adapted to reflect the clan’s symbol.

As for the colour scheme, I’m rolling with a very gritty, weathered look and basing the colours on pre-Heresy art. These examples are missing full iconography for now. A tutorial will follow!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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