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Reinventing the steel – Iron Hands Captain

By Rusty Dice

My foray into the new Forgeworld retro armour kits has been one of experimentation and unusual results. Until now, I've not been too strict about the components I match up for a marine figure, but I've challenged myself to try and maintain the look of each model as a set suit of armour as far as possible.

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Porting a ridiculously over-themed army into a codex

By Rusty Dice

Alas! I am stuck with a new dilemma. After a year of toiling at my Dark mechanicum army, I find myself without a legal force to commit to the table. The army was built almost exclusively for the Tempus Fugitives events and may well see more action in that capacity, but now I face other challenges in the world of 40k and need a legitimate bunch of models to play with!


Pre-Heresy Top Ten #8

By Rusty Dice
There's a lot of pre-heresy action going on this fall with various campaigns and tournaments taking place. Some beautiful armies can be seen in the following links:
  1. Dark Mechanicus - by Hortwerth
  2. Blood Angels & Custodes - by Dargor
  3. Thousand Sons - by rev
  4. 1st Legion - by Deiex
  5. Blood Angels Fellblade - by Tom McBride
  6. Mechanicus - by Cerebralerebus
  7. Photos of AOTE4 - by Jonog
  8. Classic Custodes army - by Dave Taylor
  9. Sculpting layered armour - by masteroftheforge
  10. Imperial Fists - by shaw3029

Designer notes #2: Codex Crusades

By Rusty Dice

Codex: Crusades

user posted imageA little delayed (5 months!) by the onset of the Age of the Emperor campaigns, development of the Codex Crusades is back on track with new vigour.

With a new interest in the Iron Hands chapter and a while host of new information over the past few months, I've decided to include two legions in the first release. At the least, this gives us two factions to perform... training on the battlefield together. Mostly though, I am building a Crusades-era Iron Hands army side-by side with writing the rules and have a Thousand Sons opponent to playtest with - ideal!


Age of the Emperor comes to a close

By Rusty Dice

The fourth and final Age of the Emperor campaign weekend concluded this weekend, hosted by the Tempus Fugitives at Warhammer World.

Another enjoyable weekend of gaming, coupling highly themed armies with friendly opponents - The Great Scouring was another success.

Three members of The Great Crusade team were nominated for the best army award, my Dark Mechanicum included, with the winner being TGC's Dargor himself! An impressive feat considering the army was painted in just one month!

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