A good month to be pre-Heresy!

August has seen, quite literally, a pre-heresy explosion from several companies, including Games Workshop itself.

From Forgeworld, releases of most marks of armour heralded a whole new invasion of player armies and has been welcomed by the pre-Heresy community very positively. Crafting your power armour will no longer be such a time-consuming task, but costly to your wallet instead!

Mark II power armour

Mark III power armour

Mark IV power armour

Mark V power armour

To compliment the new kits of armour, a set of boltguns has also been released:

'Phobos' pattern bolt guns

Micro Art Studio have been busy with conversion parts, adding a selection of shoulder pads and more ‘knightly’ robed legs to their range:

Chapterhouse Studios have similarly provided us a further selection of conversion parts in the shape of shoulder pads for Thousand Sons:

Kromlech have previewed some upcoming chainswords – very suitable for the bloodthirsty World Eaters!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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