Age of the Emperor comes to a close

The fourth and final Age of the Emperor campaign weekend concluded this weekend, hosted by the Tempus Fugitives at Warhammer World.

Another enjoyable weekend of gaming, coupling highly themed armies with friendly opponents – The Great Scouring was another success.

Three members of The Great Crusade team were nominated for the best army award, my Dark Mechanicum included, with the winner being TGC’s Dargor himself! An impressive feat considering the army was painted in just one month!

Pictures will hopefully trickle in, but for now here are our 3 nominates armies, pictures taken by Shroudfilm!

Dargor’s Blood Angels

Bullvine’s Space Wolves

Somebody’s Dark Mechanicum…

The Great Crusade winners lined up

Sadly, the Dark Mechanicum as an army had a tough time faring against the vengeful Astartes. Facing Primarchs in 3 out of 5 games, I saw 3 solid losses at their hands. I simply couldn’t avoid, counter or delay their assault with any success, ultimately leading to my army being broken in half. I had expected this, and had 5 very fun games regardless of the results. It was nice to be recognised as ‘that MyWargame guy’ and I’ve had lots of requests and ideas for future tutorials to feature here!

On to the next event…

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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3 Responses

  1. Kidjal says:

    Hey Wargame guy!

    Well done. Any plans from TF on future events?

  2. Pacific says:

    Well done on the nomination mate! It’s a great looking army you have put together, you must be thoroughly pleased with it. Looking forward to reading about your next project.

  3. Magos Explorator says:

    I agree–you definitely deserve it. 🙂 Well done and we all look forward to the next thing!

    Congratulations to Dargor and Bullvine, too; they’re both also very talented guys.

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