Porting a ridiculously over-themed army into a codex

Alas! I am stuck with a new dilemma. After a year of toiling at my Dark mechanicum army, I find myself without a legal force to commit to the table. The army was built almost exclusively for the Tempus Fugitives events and may well see more action in that capacity, but now I face other challenges in the world of 40k and need a legitimate bunch of models to play with!

The most obvious choice, likely inevitable, is to adapt the army to the Imperial Guard codex. This will allow the majority of my vehicles and infantry to be used. I fear the Myrmidons will rarely see any action as their closes match is a Defiler. The alternative codex would be Daemon Hunters as this book allows a mixture of Space marines, storm troopers and Inquisitors – easily representing my mix of models. This book doesn’t allow me to field the Storm Hawk though, sadly.

My motivation is again focused on a shot at best army nomination, so I have to prioritise getting in my favourite, or at least, best painted models. This includes the following:

  • Storm Hawk – could only be justified as a Valkyrie or Vendetta
  • Chimeras – fielded in either Codex as… Chimeras!
  • Leman Russ / Stug – both fielded as Leman Russes.
  • Magos / Kelbor Hal – Inquisitors would work well. Techpriest / psyker / commisar? to a lesser extent. Kelbor Hal is on a 40mm base, so Terminator Inquisitor is probably the only fit.
  • Misc tech adepts – Inquisitor retinue or command squad additionals.
  • Hypaspists – Storm Troopers or Veterans.
  • Servitors – I don’t like using them as normal servitors as it’s a low model-count unit. Perhaps penal legion or conscripts.
  • Land Raider – only available in Daemonhunters
  • Sentinels – as Sentinels!
  • Cogs / menials – Inquisitor retinue or command squad extras / conscripts. I originally thought ratlings, but they have no sniper rifles.
  • Termites – drop pods only?
  • Athena -Callidus Assassin

As you can see, the list is quite split.


  • Land Raider
  • Termites
  • Kelbor Hal
  • Assassin

Imperial Guard-only:

  • Storm Raven
  • Multiple Leman Russes
  • Multiple Sentinels
  • Servitors

A hard choice to make - either book will involve omitting units!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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8 Responses

  1. sonsoftaurus says:

    Maybe the answer is not to restrict yourself to one book? If you can’t get your group to let you play with some kind of custom rules, use IG sometimes, DH sometimes, and maybe even something like Codex: Daemons other times so you can use the Myrmidons as Soul Grinders. Until the new GK book comes out you can even do IG with DH allies for a while.

  2. Rusty Dice says:

    That’s not an option as I intend to use the for tournament play – hence me going for best army nomination. I have to play by their rules.

  3. JS says:

    What about Witch Hunters? That might save you from the (apparently) forthcoming Grey Knight codex which may cause problems to a Daemon Hunters army.

    You can try either Witch Hunters with IG or IG with allied Witch Hunters.

    You’re still going to have some restrictions and probably can’t field everything, but it gives some more options. Power-armoured units can be Sisters/Celestians, feral servitors could be arco-flagellants. Your myrmidon could function as a penitent engine (although it’s rather large for that). I don’t think many people would have a problem with the myrmidon being something unusual like one of the variant Leman Russes, or an artillery piece, as long as you make it clear. The usual inquisitors for tech-priests.

    The major problem as I see it is that your models, and the fact tournaments do not always allow allies, pushes you to WH with inducted IG (inducted troops are not allies). However, one of the few units WH can’t take from the IG codex are veterans, so you would need to make your Hypaspists an IG platoon mounted in chimeras.

  4. Dave Taylor says:

    I have a feeling that the “latest Daemonhunters Codex” (ie. the download available from GW) doesn’t allow for allied units anymore, so even that codex may not be an option for you : (

    Take a look at which version they’ll be using at ToS and that may help guide you.


  5. Rusty Dice says:

    Dave, I am safe for the moment in that regard. GW said both versions are legal, but ToS does only use the online version. The tournament I have next month allows inducted marines/guard as normal. By then (Sot time) I’ll hopefully have new options – maybe a gem in Dark Eldar (TALOS!!) or the new Daemonhunters. Also, I may well have ditched my Admech for IronHands 🙂

    JS, sadly no allies allowed, so only inducted marines or guard for DH. The biggest loss is my Storm Raven that I’d really like to use in the showcase. I have no power armour units – but Witch Hunters can mostly avoid sisters by taking storm troopers, flagellents and vehicles. I’d miss out on almost all my vehicles too.

  6. bad moon on a full moon says:

    i have heard that the new daemonhunters codex will also have storm hawks as according to the blood angels codex they are the only other chapter to use them, hopefully if this is true then it may mean an actual model for it too

  7. Cloud Runner says:

    Why not use the storm raven as a counts as chimera?

    Or, maybe you could try the Elysian list form IA: 8 as an option.

    Perhaps use the Myrmidons as amoured sentinels as well.

  8. fester says:

    Necro-blog-comment ahoy!

    How about …

    Tau ?

    No, seriously, Tau.
    Thats the closest army I have managed to get a match for with any Mechanicus List i have come nutted out, Good or Dark

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